the story of orazi


If you were wondering about our name, well, there you have it.

Andrea still remembers exactly what she was wearing and where she was standing the first time she encountered the Tigernut plant. It was in the beach town of Sitges, just outside Barcelona and she was in a white tiered flowy cotton boho skirt thingy. Andrea was coming down with a cold and her Catalonian friend suggested she try horchata made from Tigernut milk. It was transformative - delicious, sweet, and cool.

Andrea had to know more. She discovered the milk was not just tasty, but chock full of powerful prebiotics, vitamins, and minerals, and was revered by the ancient Egyptians. 

Fast forward to Toronto many years later. Andrea was pregnant and craving horchata. Yet following a futile search, Andrea decided to simply make her own. This proved to be more challenging than expected. The nuts (which are really tubers) are so oily they have to be pressed before being milled into flour. “The oil had this sunny, golden, beautiful colour. I researched it and found it had a high Vitamin E and Beta Sisterol content.” 

Eventually, the oil would become Andrea’s go-to for every skin and hair care need. It cleared up her daughter’s eczema, moisturized hair, took off eye makeup, and gave her skin such a glow that her friends started asking for their own. 

The deeper Andrea delved into the science, the more passionate she became about Tigernut’s possibilities in skin care. Conscious that she didn’t want to add more junk to the planet, Andrea was thrilled when she discovered that the Tigernut plant can be sustainably and locally grown in Canada. So, she teamed up with cosmetic chemists to bring to life her dream of developing eco-friendly, powerful products that are completely cruelty-free with zero tolerance for animal testing. 

That transformative moment on a Spanish beach has turned into Orazi. A skin care brand ready to make waves (and smooth lines) with a natural, clean, and highly effective line of products that harnesses the power and the protection of the Tigernut plant.